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With the idea to create a presentable layout into web design, one of the best website planners, SquareSpace, has started and onboard several successful website designs that help businesses generate significant traffic.

The SquareSpace plugin of ADA TRAY® improves your website's WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements and helps it pass the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines rapidly (WCAG). Based on instructional content, this plugin includes the following essential functionalities. It also contains full-screen reader and keyboard access training and support and remediation tooltips for all WCAG mistakes and notifications for new WCAG regulations.

The ADA Tray® Accessibility Widget will quickly improve any weak places that may cause web accessibility challenges for those with mobility, auditory, and visual impairments who wish to engage with your website while exhibiting your natural desire to make it accessible to everyone.

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ADA Tray® also enables a fully adjustable surfing experience for users with disabilities on websites that are already fully programmed to adhere to WCAG 2.1, genuinely unlocking the ability for millions of people to participate with your web experience altogether.

ADA TRAY® helps enhance the browsing Experience to best meet the user's needs..

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Squarespace is a website builder. We provide access to a set of tools you can use to design your own site for an annual or monthly subscription fee, no coding or web development experience required.
The ADA Tray® widget would help the specially abled people to access your website with ease and get comfortable with the content available on the website.
It's simple to get ADA Tray® and the plugin may be installed straight on your SquareSpace website.
ADA Tray® was created with a thorough understanding of the ADA Title III Guidelines in mind and it will help businesses combat ADA serial claimant cases. ADA Tray® is the most cost-effective and legally tested web accessibility solution compared to rival competitors, with a monthly price of only $19.99.
Yes, we offer a dedicated service where our subject matter experts will audit your website for all ADA Title III violations and any compliance issues with web accessibility standards.
Yes, simply sign up for one of our digital marketing memberships (available here) and we'll re-code your website to meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards, assuring accessibility and usability to increase direct sales.

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