ADA Compliance for Web Accessibility

ADA Compliance for Web Accessibility

Make your website ADA Compliant with ADA Tray

As the importance of digitization grows, more and more accessibility compliance is being included in websites. With ADA Tray, keep a web accessibility check of your website.

You might have noticed the word ‘Compliance’ many times! So, what does that mean, and why is Compliance substantial?

Many nations have included web accessibility into existing civil rights law that protects individuals with impairments or have formed new ones, as more and more people are seen using the internet for everything.

This includes the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (AODA), the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEA), and many others. In addition, the WCAG 2.1 AA, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, has been approved by most countries as the standard for accessible websites and is referred to in settlements.

Learn the ADA law sections in further depth to clarify any confusion about the previous question.

ADA TRAY® enables web accessibility and improves user experience according to the needs of the user.

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